What We Do


Spent grain causes many headaches for the modern brewer.  Whether it is the reliability of collection, or the sour smell of spoiling grain, the last thing a brewer wants to worry about is what to do with their grain.  After all, their focus is on making great beer.  GrainHaus has developed an innovative process to stabilize spent grain on site, as it is produced.  This allows for easy collection and storage due to the massive reduction of weight and volume through water removal.  No more sour smell, no more storage troubles. 


The Process


Through an over 85% reduction in weight and moisture levels, the GrainHaus system removes the stress caused by unreliable collection and odor, while creating a high value product to increase brewery revenues.  By creating a stable, nutritious product suitable for long-term storage, breweries no longer need to plan for 3-4 spent grain collections per week.  Brewery operations become more efficient and now more time can be spent doing what breweries were meant to do, make great beer.