At GrainHaus, we believe sustainability is defined as the triple bottom line; People, Planet, and Prosperity.  These are the values that define our foundation and guide our decision making as we strive to do well while doing good.  This shapes the way we do business as we aim to prove the profitability of sustainability.

Triple Bottom Line Diagram.png

The Triple Bottom Line



GrainHaus is dedicated to enriching brewing operations around the world.  By creating more opportunity for breweries to grow and work more efficiently, we believe that this will have a great effect on owners and employees of these often independently operated companies.  We are also dedicated to reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions through our process which we hope will work towards enriching the lives of future generations.


The only byproducts from the GrainHaus process are water, water vapor, and dried spent grain.  Instead of transporting wet spent grain (over 80% water) long distances, this grain is processed in a responsible manner on-site at the breweries where it is created, and all of the emissions associated with the current transportation practices are eliminated.  GrainHaus is also a member of 1% For the Planet.  We have pledged to donate 1% of our annual revenues to charities dedicated to enriching the planet.  We believe that if our planet suffers, delicate crops such as hops and barley will be affected, creating problems across the brewing industry and for us, the beer drinkers.


GrainHaus is a for-profit enterprise.  We believe in the mantra of "doing well through doing good".  This means that we intend to grow our operation and create a financially successful business, but all while creating a social benefit along the way.  Through the elimination of emissions from the transportation and disposal of wet spent grains, we are helping to clean the environment for future generations.  By donating 1% of annual revenues, we acknowledge our obligation to give back to the communities and planet that enables us to do what we do.  We believe in the profitability of sustainability and want to be a shining example that the future of business is in social enterprise.